Waldvogel & Swanson — What Millennials Want in Homeownership

Florida single-family home prices up 14% over last year Orlando’s housing market continues to see across-the-board increases in median prices, with each sales type and each home type recording positive year-to-year comparisons in May. The overall median price for the month of May is $165,000, a 13.68 percent increase over the May 2013 median price of $145,148.

Should seniors take the rap for the gap in homeownership by millennials? | Miami Herald. Some seniors choose not to sell because they don’t want to give up mortgages they have at favorable.

9 in 10 millennial renters want to purchase a home, but just 4.4 percent plan to do so within the next year. Our survey shows that homeownership is still a goal that the vast majority of millennial renters aspire to, with 89.4 percent of respondents saying that they plan to purchase a home at some point in the future.

Home prices ‘bottoming now,’ BofA Merrill Lynch analysts say Things look better on the home front now compared to late last year, notes Bank of America Merrill Lynch , which revised its home price forecast thursday to say "prices are bottoming now."

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Student Loans are Destroying Millennials’ Homeownership Ambitions.. “Student loan debt holders do want to own a home, that’s part of their American dream,” Jessica Lautz,

Richardson said the gap in homeownership between people ages 25 to 34 is a problem, but not because that generation has rejected the American Dream. A Redfin survey found that 92% of millennials want to buy a house, and 40% plan to buy within the next four years. "In terms of why they don’t buy houses, they’re just like everyone else.

Home prices expected to rise in 40% of major metros in 2011: Veros Home values in the area have gone up 11.4% over the past year and are expected to rise by 4.8% over the next twelve months, according to Zillow. Many young families renting in the area can’t afford to buy a home there. "We stay here for my husband’s career," says Brady-Allen. "It’s annoying because we would like to buy a house.

Free eBook: Homeownership for Millennials Indy Chamber News Archives Free Download EXPLODES Myths of Homeownership:"I really need 20% down, don’t I?" "I don’t think my credit is good enough to get a mortgage." "But I still have student loans I’m trying to pay off." "I can’t afford the type of house I really want, so I.

Coppolella and fans chatted about topics you’d expect: Player picks, Ron Swanson. a low-paying internship. Many millennials – particularly those aged 26 to 35 who carry significant debt burdens -.

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Following trends in the rest of the industry, Chase witnessed an increase in Millennial homeownership. Sapphire customers are Millennials, many of whom are looking to buy their first home now or in.

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Yolles not only shared the results of what this wave of homebuyers truly want, having surveyed more than 600 intending, first-time Millennial homebuyers, but also how to market to this group. "There is a huge disconnect between what Millennials want and how the industry speaks to them," Yolles said.