Economist Reports the Housing Market Double Dip is Beginning

Despite year-over-year growth, average home prices in October 2009 were basically back to 2003 levels. Despite fears of a new wave of foreclosures in 2010, analysts believe that the likelihood of a double-dip in housing prices in 2010 is unlikely given current market conditions.

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I’m not the only predicting Armageddon in real estate. A well-known housing market consultant recently issued a report in which he said he is now convinced this next downleg in the housing market will be worse than when the big bubble burst (more on that later). It’s going to.

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In the Capital Economics report, titled "Double Dip Begins," Dales argues that the rush to take advantage of the tax credit pushed new home sales up by 29% in the two months to April.

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In the Capital Economics report, titled "Double Dip Begins," Dales argues that the rush to take advantage of the tax credit pushed new home sales up by 29% in the two months to April.

The number of price cuts on LA home listings rose in June, according to a report. this a buyer’s market,” writes Zillow economist Aaron Terraza, describing a national trend. But he notes that the.

Stock investors pummeled by a double-dip downturn since last May are beginning to wonder if the market is trying to tell them something-specifically, whether it is telegraphing an imminent recession. The stock market is a legitimate warning sign. After all, it’s a baro­meter of the expectations for the future of corporate America.

In a grim forecast, S&P said investors should expect continued pressure on stocks from headwinds including a slumping housing. for this market cycle. Either we’re going to go into a double-dip, or.

Fannie, Freddie loans hit series high in National Mortgage Risk Index Fannie Mae issued a Lender Letter to provide guidance on note rate and servicing fee requirements for fixed-rate loans pooled into MBS, pursuant to FHFA’s instruction. Freddie. Risk Management..