National MI provides rescission relief after 12 months

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which provides rescission relief in as little as 12 months Has the capital backing to pay claims when. Take a hard look when selecting FHA or Genworth MI. After all, helping borrowers buy a home in a safe and smart. 8/30/2017 12:48:20 PM.

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National MI Offers Rescission Relief After 12 Months On Every Loan Private mortgage insurer’s National MI SafeGuard(SM) policy breaks new ground with an innovative, cutting-edge solution for lenders

Previously, National MI was the only MI company to offer rescission relief after 18 months, and has now shortened that duration even further to 12 months. Under the terms of National MI’s current.

which enabled the company to provide competitive rescission relief for a majority of its loans, and served as the basis for the National MI SafeGuard product. National MI’s insurance product made 12-month rescission relief feasible and started a trend in the industry.

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National MI SafeGuard provides rescission relief for eligible loans after 12 months of timely payments made by the borrower, which is two years sooner than the industry standard of 36 months.

From its inception, National MI has taken a different approach than other MI providers. Instead of reviewing a sample of loans long after they close, National MI reviews every 12-month rescission relief loan shortly after closing to provide a clearer view of risk. Delegated Assurance Review: Day One Coverage – upfront reviews of files

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Given that National MI already provided the best terms of coverage possible, the required changes in our new Master Policy are minimal: National MI’s new Master Policy: Provides rescission relief after 12 months of timely consecutive Borrower payments on every independently validated loan.

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