Open Letter from RE/MAX to President Obama and Governor Romney

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The following letter was issued today, October 25, 2012, to President Obama and Governor Romney, from Dave Liniger, Co-Founder and Chairman of RE/MAX, LLC: We have just witnessed the last of three.

governor’s vague and contradictory statements. christopher Stevens, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney inexplicably and ironically declared, "President Obama has demonstrated a lack of.

After accusing Mitt Romney of being a tax cheat failed to get results, the Obama campaign has written an open letter to Mitt Romney. “It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to.

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney. Jay Cost . Today. Front.. June 7, 2016 at 7:46 PM D ear Governor Romney, Liberals accuse conservatives of racialized attacks against President Obama, but the.

RE/MAX Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Liniger issued an open letter to President Obama and Governor Romney addressing the state of the U.S. housing market. liniger says housing is key to fixing the U.S. economy. The below letter was issued on October 25, 2012: We have just witnessed the last of three presidential debates in anticipation of elections now just 2 weeks away.

An Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. By Staff on October 1, Most Americans need an Electron Microscope to find real differences between most actions and policies of President Obama and Governor Romney.. Libertarian Party Executive Director, Libertarian Party .

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Obama vs. Romney: Complete 3rd Presidential Debate | Election 2012 | The New York Times Mitt Romney. to president barack obama with grace and brevity, but some of his supporters have more to say. Stacey Dash, who came under fire last month for expressing her support of the Republican.