Decline in home prices to continue to 2011: Clear Capital

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According to Clear Capital’s monthly Home Data Index (HDI) market report, U.S. home prices posted a quarter-over-quarter national price change of -1.4 percent. "Despite distressed inventory pressure and traditional winter inactivity, current trends are continuing to show a softening of price declines," said Dr. Alex Villacorta, director of research and analytics at Clear Capital.

The price of an average London home. 2011, and the biggest fall since September 2009. London continues to bear the brunt of the slowdown — with house prices also suffering their biggest fall since.

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Clear Capital(R) Home Data Index Forecast Reveals Further Price Declines for Second Half of 2011. of -2.4 percent by the end of 2011.National Home Price. granular reporting than other home.

The latest real-time housing data from Altos Research and Clear Capital shows continued deterioration in the US housing market. Clear Capital says prices declined 4.1% in 2010 and are likely to continue declining at a more moderate pace of 3.6% in 2011 (via Housing Wire):. Altos Research showed a 1.63% decline in prices in December (via Altos Research):

Homebuyer Demand All But a ‘Standstill’: Altos Research A report by Altos Research has found that housing supply is increasing, while demand is fading without government incentives. Historically low mortgage rates are not swaying enough people to buy now, and prices are expected to remain under pressure in the months ahead. See the following article from.

Homes prices could continue to fall this year, if a forecast made by Clear Capital is correct. National home prices will experience a 3.7 percent year-over-year drop this year, according to the.

Servicing units feel the squeeze, bleed jobs Hundreds of job cuts at jpmorgan chase show the mortgage finance space is shifting once again. But this time, it’s bleeding mortgage servicing jobs. Servicing units are feeling the squeeze, bleed.

U.S. Home Prices Continue Slight Decline as West Region Drags Nation Down According to the Clear Capital(TM) HDI Market Report . While National Home Prices Have Appreciated 4.2% Since Early 2009.

Clear Capital: Quarterly Declines Continue. Provider of valuation services, Clear Capital, reported its Home Data Index for the 3 months ending February 2011. The report shows a 3-month price decline of 1.4%, nationally. For the year ending December 2010, Clear Capital reported a 3.9% national price decline.

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