More Fannie Mae, Ginnie MSRs to be sold off

Fannie Mae is given much of the credit for the homeownership boom following World War II. Prior to the creation of Fannie Mae and FHA, long-term mortgages were rare. Most homes were sold on short-term contracts, usually issued by the seller, which had to be paid in full after three to five years.

More Fannie Mae, Ginnie MSRs to be sold off. The search for MSR diamonds in the rough continues. October 10, 2013. Kerri Ann Panchuk. A new mortgage-servicing rights sale is slated for auction.

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The total potential deal commitment including the flow relationship is more than $1.7 billion. The 61% Ginnie/39% fannie bulk msrs being sold by what IMA said is an independent mortgage company with strong financials and solid reputation has a 3.818% weighted average note rate and a Midwest concentration.

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Why Fannie Mae Will Likely Fall to $0. been proven more true than by Fannie Mae. because an account’s stocks came back strong long after they’d been sold. Why Fannie Mae Shares Could.

More Fannie Mae, Ginnie MSRs to be sold off Ocwen Sale of $28 Billion in Ginnie Mae MSRs Falls Through By Paul Muolo The troubled Ocwen Financial recently tried to sell a roughly billion package of mortgage servicing rights tied to ginnie mae-backed loans, but the portfolio failed to trade, according to investment banking.

announced Tuesday that it will sell off another massive agency mortgage servicing rights portfolio. According to Ocwen, this latest portfolio consists of approximately 142,000 loans owned by Freddie.

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Ginnie’s willingness to sign off on such agreements is notable in that getting the blessing of any of the three government or government-related entities that dominate the U.S. mortgage market Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie is considered the main hurdle to various types of deals in which MSRs are used as a vehicle to generate cash.

Historically, such failures have resulted in Ginnie Mae’s declaration of a default, with the accompanying extinguishment of an issuer’s rights to the MSRs and termination of approval status. In such cases, the MSRs become government property and are serviced on behalf of Ginnie Mae by a third party subservicer."

The assets in our portfolio are described in more. 22.4 Ginnie Mae 30.0 33 355.0 Mortgage Servicing Rights Financing receivables agency 42.3 27 434.1 Non-agency 88.3 45 1,210.4 Total $ 389.0 31 bps.