Seattle cuts ties with Wells Fargo over controversial oil pipeline, etc.

SEATTLE The Seattle City Council voted to cut ties with banking giant Wells Fargo over its role as a lender to the Dakota Access pipeline project as well as other business practices. The crowd. Things are falling into place now after Clinton Curtiss revelations concerning vote rigging.

The davis city council voted late Tuesday to sever ties with Wells Fargo after residents voiced concerns about the company’s involvement in the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and regulators.

Talks about Princeton, Johns-Hopkins studies, Florida review last week, etc. Just in the last two weeks two major additional reviews. This is like many other things where info starts to come in slowly.

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A number of banks funding the controversial $3.7bn Dakota Access. Earlier this year Seattle City Council cut its ties with Wells Fargo over its loan to the pipeline. Ms Compere believes the “whole.

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How the opioid ruling could help sue big oil companies. MTP Daily.. Trump denies secret whistleblower complaint over call with foreign leader. All In with Chris.

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Millions of dollars were spent on the aborted effort by the GOP over the last two months — their largest single expenditure in several of the states where the scheme was in full tilt — to seek out.

SEATTLE — The Seattle City Council voted to cut ties with banking giant Wells Fargo over its role as a lender to the Dakota Access pipeline project as well as other business practices.

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The Seattle City Council voted 9-0 Tuesday to cut banking ties with Wells Fargo because of the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project.. with Wells Fargo over Dakota.